Recycling Point Dot Com operates with a clear and simple mission - to promote recycling to prevent further depletion of the environment.

It currently collects waste papers, used computers, used printers, used printed circuit boards, used original empty toner cartridges, used carpets, used office furniture, used office chairs, used air-conditional units, used computers, used refrigerators, used washing machines, used shoes,  used Nyatoh doors, and used metal & wire scraps for recycling.

To increase the chance of success, we are buying the recyclable items with the main objective to be able to recover as much recyclable materials as its resources permit, without having these items being thrown away.

Recycling Point Dot Com envisions that one day, the habit of recycling would become part of Singaporean lifestyle and the rationale behind it instilled in each and everyone of us.

Recycling Point Dot Com shall be striving towards the attainment of this goal.  At which time, it could then divert its time and resources on promoting recycling in other countries, particularly the less-developed ones.  This is essential since the preservation of the environment is not just a national issue but a global one.

The Milestone of Recycling Point Dot Com

Our Global Service Network

Recycling Point Dot Com covers the whole of Singapore and countries in the region.

Know your Area Managers in the East, West, or North of Singapore and lets start saving the Environment now!

Some quotes from our very own Area Managers :

"I never know that being an environmentalist could be so rewarding. My gross sales is approximately $1,000 a day. Being a recycling manager in my neighbourhood, I collect and sell almost everything and anything."

Mdm Tan, 50 Ex-retailer (Recycling Manager-West)

"I was a building cleaner and I was told to throw everything just to keep the place clean but after I have joined RPDC as a recycling manager, I have begin to learn how to save environment by collecting all sorts of recyclable waste for recycling. My income has since increase eight times."

Mr. Singh, 39 Cleaner (Recycling Manager-East)

"You can call me Karung Guni man or people who knows me thinks that I am crazy to give up my job of $3,000 a month but after being RPDC's recycling manager, my personal income has increase 3 times. I am encouraging my friends and relatives to join in as well."

Mr Ng, 25 IT Supervisor (Recycling Manager-North)

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