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Recycling Point Dot Com Launches C.B.E Project


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War on Waste Campaign

June 17, 2001  

Recycling Point Dot Com Needs Your Comments

Some people who live near incinerator plants have told us that their health has suffered because of air pollution from the plant.

Take a look at the
Incinerator Plants in Singapore, and understand how our daily refuse is handled each day.

Also, it is important to understand how the
Poisons in the air is affect us.

We would like to find out if these are one-off cases or if it's a prevalent phenomenon around Singapore.

Thus, Recycling Point Dot Com has recently appointed
Accel Environmental Engineers Pte Ltd to be our consultant in regards, to Air Pollution in Singapore. They will help us to test the ambient air surrounding the incinerators and the neighbourhood near incinerators and if possible, to conduct regular test at incinerators and other factory's chimneys.

Also, we would like to conduct a survey to find out if other Singaporeans living near incineration plants around Singapore have also suffered health problems.

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(Your comments and views will be kept confidential)

June 11, 2001

Start the habit of Recycling today, get a Waste Paper Recycling Bin for just S$75 and you can place it around your office.  You can contact us at 293 5250 to book your Recycle Bins now!

November 11, 2000  

Recycling Point Dot Com Launches the C.B.E Project

Recycling Point Dot Corn is launching an environment project called C.B.E. project. What is C.B.E? It stands for 'Care for a Better Environment'. This project will be launched on 20th October 2000, about four weeks before 'Green and Clean' week. Residents/offices can 'recycle online' with RPDC and its 40 area managers around Singapore. The recyclables will be purchased according to market price and picked up at their doorsteps. The collection schedule depends mainly on the amount of recyclables generated by offices and households in that area. For further information, the public can logon to our website at

RPDC believes that with the C.B.E. project, waste can be reduced up to 50 per cent generated from Singaporeans and RPDC is starting a public pledge to put off for as long as possible the building of the fifth refuse incinerator costing about S$600 million. In 1993, the Environment Ministry's permanent secretary once said that the building of the refuse incinerator could be delayed if the amount of refuse generated could be reduced. A small nation like ours has four incinerators already running with full capacity, not forgetting Pulua Semakau costing S$1 .2 billion. The public can also logon to our website to pledge.

Residents/offices need only to to register with us for a white bag costing $10.00 each and it will be deducted from the collection. They can use the bag to contain smaller materials like aluminium cans and waste paper, whereas the bigger and heavier items will be taken away. The waste materials that RPDC collects are wastepaper, used ink/empty toner cartridges, office furniture, used air-conltelevisionlvideo recorder/washing machine/refrigerator, commercial batteries, ferrous and non-ferrous metal, scrap wire/cable, old computers/printers/monitors, printed circuit boards, commercial batteries, carpets, used bed/mattress, window curtains, fans, used shoes, and so forth. The C.B.E. project will be supported by its full time area managers situated at north, south, east and west of Singapore, whereas, the central area will be serviced by RPDC. Lets recycle, recycle online, and recycle for good cause at no cost. Should you require further information, please contact Mr. Joseph Tan at 968 1-7890. Thank you.

Sales Forecast for Recycling Point Dot Com

Presently, our Area Managers have achieve approximately $1,000 gross sales per manager per day There are 40 area managers in our group and our gross sales turnover is expected to reach approximately $120,000 per month. RPDC is expected to maintain the sales turnover of 14.4 million forecast annually.

So join us, be our recycling manager and contact us today at 293 5250.

Registered Recyclers

Recycling Point Dot Com is listed with The Ministry of The Environment Singapore. 

Ministry of Environment Singapore has made it a requirement for private waste-collecting companies, bidding to service areas on the island, to tie up with one of the registered recyclers. This is featured in
The Straits Times on 27th September 2000 (Home-Page 58).

September 27, 2000  

Press Release - Launch of Recycling Point Dot Com's Website - 27th September 2000 Recycling Point Dot Com will launch it's website on 27th September 2000.  It will feature environmental issues such as recycling, pollutions, anti-dumping, environment audit (paper and general waste) and other general matters.  It wishes to employ a team of 'green' reporters to approach MNCs, companies, hospitals, schools, etc to promote recycling, report and video it, and post it in Recycling Point Dot Com's website.  The video will show surfer from around the world that Singaporeans are clean, green, and environmental friendly.  The video, however, will appear on the web for about one month and if individual companies wish to have it stay on will have to pay a certain maintenance fee.  RPDC (Recycling Point Dot Com) will also source environmental documentaries from around the world to be sold in its website. Recycling Point Dot Com will promote recycling by buying used items such as old computers, spoilt monitors/TV/VCR, waste papers, printers, empty laser printer, cartridges, electronic scraps, carpets, office furniture, home appliances/furniture, aluminium cans, metals, and wire scraps.  These items will be sent for re-use in developing countries such as Indonesia, Malaysia, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, etc for recycling purpose.  RPDC will also pay for confidential papers sent here for shredding.  What the public need to do is before their office removal, reinstatement or accumulate about 100Kg of waste papers, we would like to offer to buy whatever is recyclable or reusable. The public, who wants to pledge to be Green, can register with us in our website and we are hoping to collect 100,000 Green signatures.  With this, we believe a new era of recycling is born.

June 2, 1993 - War on Waste Campaign

"Impact Recycling is starting a pledge to put off for as long as possible the building of a fourth refuse incinerator, which the Government has said will probable have to be built by the end of the decade." - Source : Straits Times, June 2, 1993




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